Comprehensive race management for Heads and Regattas

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Striving on simplicity and automation, RaceLeader delivers a first-rate experience, enhancing the quality of racing for all. Our fully hosted system works on any device and is compatible with British Rowing’s online entry system (BROE). RaceLeader caters for race organisers, umpires and competitors, keeping everyone up to date with live real-time results.

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Head Racing | Raise your Head to the next level

Live Results

With an individual race clock for each crew, our precision timing is updated in real-time as each crew crosses the timing points. We use push technology to keep everyone updated the instant it happens.

Individual race clock against each crew

Automatic Masters handicapping

Where applicable, times for Masters events will be automatically adjusted based on their given age category. Crews can see their raw course time, the handicap adjustment and their overall awarded time. All times are calculated in accordance with British Rowing's guidelines on standard times and Masters handicap categories.

Masters Handicapping adjustments

Real-time visibility of all crews

Live progress bars update automatically to show the current state of each division. Once a start time is logged, a crew is considered 'Racing'. As soon as they complete the course, they become 'Finished'.

Progress bars showing the number of crews in a division and their current state

Integrated Timing App

Our mobile timing application is built into all race formats. Using the latest web technologies, RaceLeader makes it easy to time any race from any device, ensuring everyone is timed accurately and consistently.

Bullet Live race clock

All timing devices are synchronised automatically with our live race clock, ensuring accurate times are always being captured.

Bullet Scalable and responsive

It doesn't matter if you're using a mobile, tablet or laptop, our timing app scales to fit on any device.

Bullet Dark theme

Darker backgrounds maximise battery life and the high contrast aids readability in bright sunlight.

Bullet Offline support

Being in remote locations can mean intermittent signal, so when mobile data isn’t available, just carry on recording times and they will be synchronised once you're back online.

Bullet Minimal download size

Just 2MB of data lets you download the app and accurately time over 100 crews.

Regatta Racing | Bring international level features to your local regatta

Superimposed finish line video technology

Close calls can't be replayed, unless they're recorded. Our experimental features let you capture the action. We include the full race details, together with a superimposed finish line and race clock, so you know exactly who finished first. Pause, rewind and playback to help umpires remove ambiguity.

Full suite of Reports

With a full range of print friendly reports available, race information is presented clearly in formats that cater for umpires, officials and competitors. These reports include an entry summary, club codes, draw by event, running order, results, winners list, and more!

Example report printouts

Automatic Tweets

RaceLeader provides a fully automated Twitter feed, keeping everyone up to date in real time, and tweeting from your account. Neatly formatted and clear results for every race, including individual crew times, @tagging accounts and a direct link to view the full results online. Remove the overhead of typing, prevent manual errors, and let RaceLeader do it all for you.

Example of an automated tweet

Various race formats

RaceLeader caters for all regatta formats, from small side-by-side river racing to multi-lane international competitions.

  • 2/3/4/n lane knockouts
  • 6/8 lane international
  • Round robin and league tournaments
  • Time trials seeding crews into ABCD finals

Clash detection

Any clashes between competitors are automatically highlighted. Whether doubling up, boat sharing, or too tight a turnaround between event rounds, RaceLeader sees it coming.

The Draw process takes this into account and automatically caters for clashes as much as possible, but each race can still be reordered and rescheduled manually if required.

Victor Ludorum

For competitions offering a prize to the best achieving club/school, our Victor Ludorum has you covered. The chart shows the overall top 10 and is further broken down by gender, masters and junior categories. It is updated in real time as crews compete throughout the day.

Take a look at an example: Victor Ludorum