Eastern Region JIRR Trials

Competition Details

This competition took place on

Sunday 27/02/2022

the full results are available below.


All racing will take place over 1000m from a stakeboat start. The first round is a Time Trial which determines progression to the finals as follows: 

  • If less than 3 entries per event, then there will be a straight final.
  • If 4 entries, then there will be a Time Trial to establish seeding for lane draw in a final.
  • If 5-8 entries, then there will be a Time Trial and the fasted four crews ONLY will progress to a Final A. There will be no Final B.
  • If 9 or more entries, then there will be a Time Trial with the fastest 4 crews progressing to Final A and the next fastest 4 crews progress to Final B.

Note that the selection for the Eastern Region team will be from Final A. If there are circumstances where the finals cannot be run as planned (for instance deteriorating weather) then the results of the Time Trial will stand for Eastern Region selection.


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