Happy Christmas Head

Competition Details

This competition was scheduled for

Saturday 19/12/2020

but has sadly been cancelled.


Peterborough has emerged from the second lockdown in the Tier 2 category, which allows us to host on-water competitions. Knowing how desperate everyone is for a return to racing, we are acting quickly and holding a Private Match on Saturday 19th December 2020. This is running with the approval of NCC and with British Rowing’s Competition Insurance.

We are offering 4+, 4-, 4x, 2x, 2- and 1x events across two divisions.

  • Division 1 @10:00 (2,600m)
  • Division 2 @13:00 (2,600m)

Invitations have been circulated to surrounding Tier 1/2 locations. In order to minimise social contact, doubling up is not permitted. Competitors should adopt a “Show, Row, Go” approach to this race. We are charging £10/seat (excluding coxes) to help cover costs. All entries and payments should be made through BROE. The closing date for entries is 17:00 Wednesday 16th December and the start order will be circulated the following day.

Everyone attending must complete our Test & Trace form: https://forms.gle/g2QNGCMEEqgya9iy7.

Course Map