RaceLeader is a complete end-to-end solution for managing and running heads, regattas, time trials and more. Built on years of racing experience and event management, we strive for simplicity, efficiency and automation to keep your race day afloat. Some of our features are listed here, but this is not an exhaustive list. If you would like to know more, or are interested in using RaceLeader for your next competition, then please get in touch.

Full integration with British Rowing (BROE). Import entries, compete, export results.

Fully compatible with BROE2 and the ranking/banding format, RaceLeader lets you import entry details straight from BROE. Once racing is complete, we provide the necessary results export that can be submitted back to BROE. With RaceLeader, you’ll never have to submit manual results again.

Comprehensive manual control. Not using BROE? Not a problem.

For competitions outside BROE, a simple CSV format can be used for importing crews. If you like doing things by hand, we also offer full manual editing of events, crews and competitors, which can be used in isolation or in conjunction with the BROE/CSV imports.

Cloud hosted platform. Everything available 24/7 from any device.

RaceLeader is completely cloud hosted. It can be accessed from any platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.) and scales accordingly based on your device (laptop, tablet, phone). Our only requirement is an Internet connection.

Multi User Access. With unlimited users and built in chat.

Competitions require a number of different roles; control, timing, results, etc. RaceLeader allows an unlimited number of users to administer the system, with an integrated chat capability to communicate between different locations.

Complete clash detection. Competitors doubling up or boat sharing? RaceLeader sees it coming.

Any clashes between competitors doubling up in different events are automatically highlighted. Each race can be easily reordered/rescheduled to accommodate any doubling up issues throughout the day.

A plethora of reports. Print friendly information for umpires, officials and competitors.

RaceLeader has a range of reports showing information in various formats. These include an entry summary, draw by event, running order, results, treasurer details, and more.

Live results instantly available. See the outcome as soon as the race is over.

Fed up of waiting hours (or sometime days) for results to appear? RaceLeader's results are available online from the moment each race completes. These can be filtered by event, club, boat type, etc.

Fully automated Twitter feed. Streaming everything on social media for you.

RaceLeader keeps everyone up to date with real time notifications. Our automated Twitter feed removes the overhead of manual typing. No more delays and no more mistakes. Sit back and watch the retweets while RaceLeader takes care of your social media broadcasts.

Automatic crew progression. Advancing crews to their next round.

For knockout style competitions, RaceLeader is pre-configured to know the progression of each round, all the way to the final. As each race completes, applicable crews automatically appear in the next round.

Visual representation of key information. Full data analysis to help you plan your day.

Part of organising any competition is knowing how big your event is. RaceLeader provides key analysis of visiting clubs, entry sizes, competitor numbers and more. With full visibility, we help you organise your competition.

Real-time push technology. Browser refreshes not required.

RaceLeader uses server-side push notifications to broadcast key information including race starts, results and event changes. Clients do not need to refresh their browsers, the information simply “appears” on screen immediately and automatically, with no time delays.

Automatic clock synchronisation. Timing made simple.

Our timing mechanism ensures all connected users are working from the same clock. Races can be timed using different devices running at different locations. Whereas stopwatches require manual synchronisation, RaceLeader does this automatically and updates throughout the race day, ensuring everyone is kept in sync.

Ethically minded and green thumbed. Minimising paper usage and creating life.

Every competition results in paperwork. While it is possible to run a competition from your phone, batteries run out and technology doesn't like water. To offset paper usage, we will plant a tree for every 10 competitions hosted by RaceLeader.